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Vema Reddy

Broker, Land Developer, Aerial Photographer

Born and raised in Austin, TX, I have seen the city grow from a small town, where you could drive from one side to the other in 15 minutes, to a thriving city. Real estate is in my blood. My mom, a real estate broker, took me with her to show houses and plots of land to her clients almost every weekend of my childhood.

I went to Baylor University where I received a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. After graduation, I came back to Austin and started my career in tech, but real estate pulled me back in 2017. I am now a licensed agent who helps clients buy and sell houses both to move into as their forever homes and/or to use as investment properties.


As well as being an agent, I facilitate land sales and work as a land developer to prepare plots for tiny home, mobile home, and RV communities. If you have real estate questions, I can figure out the answer.

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